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Reaching  Freedom with Technology


Our Program

We developed a six-month program, with a schedule of eight hours a day, with the objective of training participants to develop web and desktop applications from start to finish, which will be taught in a hybrid way and free of charge in a bilingual modality.


In addition, students will be trained in critical skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, citizen participation and civic education. This will be done in parallel to the creation of technical skills such as: Financial Freedom, entrepreneurship and leadership. 

We are interested in training leaders who go beyond theories; we want to empower global citizens who apply these ideas to real people's lives and promote greater freedom and prosperity.


A bootcamp is an intensive training program in which technical skills are acquired, focused on the generation of jobs in the software development sector.


We teach studying techniques, negotiation, critical thinking skills, social responsibility, leadership, civic education, risk management, among other topics.


  • Back end and front end programming (full stack), databases, agile methodologies, usability and infrastructure.

  • Citizen participation, negotiation and financial freedom.

  • Leadership and entrepreneurship.


The Bilingual Full-Stack Software Developers program has a duration of 26 weeks, with blocks of approximately 3 weeks each.

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